European Works Councils

Claudiovisual has been offering services for European Works Councils all around Europe for many years now from our EWC department.

European Works Councils are meetings organized by multinational corporations with operations in 2 or more European countries. In these meetings, worker delegates meet with representatives from the multinational to discuss and reach agreements regarding workers’ rights.

It is vital to use quality equipment in this kind of meeting, as it is necessary that the delegates fully understand the message that the multinational is trying to convey to them. To guarantee the delegates understand the message perfectly, the means used to transfer that message must work perfectly as well. Claudiovisual guarantees state of the art equipment working flawlessly.

Usually EWC requirements are as follow: there are quite a few interpreting soundproofed booths (all our booths are ISO 4043 and 4043:2016 compliant). Because a booth is needed for any language present in the room we usually need to setup between 9 and 15 booths. Apart from that, we also need to setup a microphone for each delegate so that they can raise any question they may have or give their opinion at any given time, and digital receivers so that they can choose by switching channels which language do they want to follow the meeting in.

We also provide any other equipment that may be needed in EWCs such as video projectors, screens, sound systems, DOMO cameras for videoconference, audio or video recording of the meetings, etc.

If you have any doubt or comment regarding our services for EWCs don’t hesitate and get in touch with us at +34 915 028 697 or drop us a line at

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